Fly high with the EBC*L business certificates

Your letter of recommendation for job and career

Are you looking for a certified and quality-assured offer for business and management skills? Then you are on the safe side with the EBC*L certificates. With these you can credibly prove that you have a say in business life and can meet with company management, controllers, customers, suppliers, banks and tax consultants at eye level. This offers you great advantages when looking for a job and when furthering your career.

Your choice of certificates

EBC*L business certificates are available for the entire professional life: JobReady for starting a career, Business Administration for participating in conversations and entrepreneurial thinking, Certified Manager for a career, Profession for Office Clerk Qualification, Commercial English for international economy (and in 2023: Startup for company founders and small business owners).

Low cost and little time

Compared to other certified training courses, the required effort is comparatively low. This is thanks to the strict focus on practical relevance and the latest learning materials (including e-learning) and training concepts.


The amount of time and money you spend depends on the type of exam preparation you choose:

  • Pure face-to-face training courses for EBC*L business administration last between 40 and 80 hours (6-12 days).
  • If you are willing to acquire the knowledge yourself with an e-learning program, then the training courses are significantly shorter (10-20 hours).

EU-recognized framework for business and managerial skills

The EBC*L certificates have been included in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at levels 4 and 5.

Level 4 corresponds to an apprenticeship and level 5 to a degree (Matura, Abitur) from a higher commercial school (e.g. HAK) and certain IHK training. Your certificate will be provided with the exclusive official EQR / NQR logo.

Certainly the right choice

If you are looking for business training, you can quickly get lost in the educational jungle with thousands of offers. A wrong decision not only costs a lot of money, but also a lot of time. With EBC*L you are on the safe side. This is also confirmed by STIFTUNG WARENTEST. 

Numerous well-known COMPANIES have integrated the EBC*L into their educational and career programs. Countless references from all areas of education, as well as thousands of satisfied graduates, demonstrate the high value of an EBC*L training. 

The training and courses are offered exclusively by recognized EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS in all areas (schools, universities, adult education), which have committed themselves to the international safety standards of the EBC*L in the course of an accreditation process.

State-of-the-art: Both learning and exams can also be done online and digitally (in the home office).

  • Books and e-books which are precisely tailored to the exams and award-winning e-learning programs are available for preparation.
  • The advantages of independent e-learning and face-to-face training (on site or as a webinar) are combined with sophisticated blended learning concepts that have been tried and tested in practice for many years.
  • The EBC*L exams can also be taken at home or in the office.

EBC*L in numbers

For many years, EBC*L, with its international network, has been offering the right skills for every age and every career step to start a job or to prepare for a new challenge.

participants from

34 countries in 15 languages



at over 100 locations

The right offer for everyone

EBC*L graduates include

  • Key workers, managers and executives from companies and public administration
  • Management (entrepreneurs, managing directors, authorized signatories)
  • Apprentices/trainees, pupils and students at schools and universities
  • Company founders / startups

Proud EBC*L graduates

... in business, schools and universities