Communicate and Argue

What is the meaning of sales, profit, debit, margin, depreciation? Who is allowed to sign a contract in a company? ...

The global business language is English. Anyone who wants to do business abroad must be able to argue about themselves, their company and their offering in English with the project partners, customers, suppliers, etc.


Anyone who works in a key position in an international company must be able to communicate with headquarters and create budgets and reports in English. In such cases, pure communication English is not sufficient. It is necessary to know the terms that are also discussed in the EBC*L program in German. EBC*L courses, e-learning, books and exams are also available in English. The EBC*L certificate proves commercial English competence.



  • Accounting (Bilanz)
  • Business Ratios (Kennzahlen)
  • Cost Accounting (Kostenrechnung)
  • Business Law (Wirtschaftsrecht)



  • Real Business English for Manager (not just Communication in English)
  • Europe's most used and award-winning e-learning program
  • location and time independent
  • unrivaled effectiveness
  • last but not least: EBC*L Certificate "Business English for Manager" that proves your competence



  • E-learning: worldwide, location-independent
  • webinar based on this



  • E-learning: at any time, individually
  • Webinar: for organizations by arrangement


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